Christ the Saviour is a group of Orthodox Christians in the East Texas area, all converts, who seek to establish an Orthodox Christian parish that  proclaims and lives out the Holy Orthodox faith.  Our goals are to shine the light of Orthodox Christianity on the people of this area by serving in various ways; feeding the hungry and ministering to the poor in our local community, as well as helping our International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) here and abroad.  We are simply a group of Orthodox Christians that strive to live as an icon of Christ, our Lord, in this area.

We strive to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development, and to provide opportunities for social interaction beyond the times of worship. The fundamental ministry of our parish is to provide pastoral care to our members and is proactive in reaching out to newcomers so they can fully understand and embrace the fullness of the One Holy Apostolic Faith.

We are a new community, founded in May 2007, by a small group of people that was searching for the ancient faith. Our community is from varied faiths and backgrounds and enjoy learning more and more about our faith and looking forward each day to growing in Christ, Theosis!!

Western Rite

Most Orthodox churches use the form of worship common in the Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries. A handful of parishes, however, are privileged to use the Western form of worship–a worship form common to Roman Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans/Episcopalians until the changes in the 1970s. In fact, 10% of all parishes in the Antiochian Archdiocese are Western Rite. Therefore, liturgical services at  Christ the Saviour are comfortable and familiar to those who long for the reverential mystery, tradition and solemnity of the past. Specifically, Christ the Saviour employs the Divine Liturgy of Saint Gregory, which may be familiar to some as the old Latin Mass of Orthodox Rome–except in English!

For more information about Western Rite Orthodoxy, please visit our information page and the links contained therein.